About Us

VISTULA DESTINATIONS BRAND is the outcome of our journey of almost 20 years through different sectors blended with our own touch of seeing the World.
We squeezed this knowledge, self experience, expertise and packed together to give you best and increase your quality of life on all the possible levels.
















Remember that

„they know your value, they just hope YOU don’t”

Proof them wrong.

Our Team

Miss Angie

Concept author

Angie Pajak is an award-winning Health Coach, GreenTECH & Wellness Expert, Former Member of Emirates Green Building Council.
Lecturer, creator and editor of the popular portal slowfoodlife.com, propagator of a healthy lifestyle, The Author of such bestsellers as: Metabolic IQ -your code to health”, “Your health diary,” “Shopping IQ – smart shopping.”.
She is the Founding Associates and the CEO at GreenTECH by AQUAcell.
She has created Metropolic IQ Protocol – SUSTAIN TM City Protocol which has been implemented in several companies to improve internal environment in the building, increase the comfort and productivity of employees, and reduce the maintenance costs of buildings, as well as reduce the environmental footprint of a building on a micro and macro scale.

Dr Grace

Science and knowledge ambassador

Grace Pajak PhD Biologist, master of natural therapies, nutritionist, and researcher at ZBW P.A.N. (Polish Science Academy)
For twenty-five years she has been involved in the research on water, its structure, as well as restoring it, and its impact on the environment. Together with a team of scientists, she is the creator of a patent for devices activating liquid and gas.
For 32 years she has been running the Health Promotion Center under drGRACE brand.
She is known for several radio and TV broadcasts related to a healthy lifestyle. She has been writing articles and giving lectures and courses in nutrition, health promotion, and natural therapy. She translates her entire experience into the quality of the products and services offered. She is a co-founder of AQUAcell.

Architect Hermann

Award -winning Cameroonian Architect

Hermann Kamte is the Founding Associates and the Creative Director at HKA | Hermann Kamte & Associates.
With great passion, Hermann explores the field multidisciplinary and transversally to meet the challenges of modern and contemporary architecture. With a philosophical look, he thinks that the sensitivity and complexity of an Architectural project most times break the boundaries between Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Interior Design, or Furniture Design which comes from the interconnection and interaction between these disciplines.

Paul Sadza

Leader of change management, rebranding in organizations

MBA, Master of Science in Foreign Trade, specialization in change management in enterprises.
Winner of the 5th edition of the „Local government that supports SMEs” program – obtaining the title of District Governor – Leader, winner of the first place in the Dziennik Zachodni plebiscite for the best local government official (District Governor) in 2018, winner of an elite medal for services to district partnership cooperation (Polish – German), honored with many state and local government awards.